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Natural Perfumery Institute Books and Articles

This is actually a partial list, because some have been added since this was published. I will be adding more in the future, so check back often. Please note these books are for Private Tutorial students only.

Many of the old texts contain many gems of wisdom, ancient knowledge about natural aromatics and how to extract and use them. I have found how to make gardenia and sweet pea doppelgangers by digging deep into the texts and noting what synthetic aromachemicals were used in the 1800's for this, and adapting natural essential oils and absolutes to substitue. Plus, it's just wonderful fun to read these old books and articles from the historic perspective.


Askinson, G. W. - Perfumes and Cosmetics, Their Preparation and Manufacture 1923

Charabot, E. - Le Parfum chez la Plante 1908 (In French)

Clifford, F.S. - A Romance of Perfumed Lands 1880

Cristiani, R.S. - Perfumery and the Kindred Arts 1877

Diete, Dr. C. - A Practical Treatsie on the Manufacture of Perfume 1892 (trans. by W.A. Brannt)

Drown, D. - Fragrant Flowers 1860

Dussauce, H. - A Practical Guide for the Perfumer 1868

Ebert, A. E. and A. E. Hiss - The Standard Formulary 1896

Fenner, B. - Fenner's Complete Formulary Sixth Edition 1888

Fletcher, E. - The Woman Beautiful 1901

Gildemeister, E. - The Volatile Oils 1914

Leadbeater, C.W. - The Perfume of Egypt 1895

Lillie, C. - The British Perfumer 1822

Mayo, C.A. and T.J. Keenan - American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record 1893

McNail, J. - Citrus Products Part 1 1926

Morfit, C. - Perfumery, Its Manufacture and Use with Instructions on Every Branch of the Art

Nefwazi, S. - The Perfumed Garden 1886

Parry, E. J. - Raw materials of perfumery, their nature, occurrence and employment

Parry, E. J. - The Chemistry of Essential Oils Vol. 1

Parry, E. J. - The Chemistry of Essential Oils Vol. 2

Piesse, G.W. Septimus - The Art of Perfumery and Method of Obtaining the Odor of Plants 1886

Rimmel, E. - The Book of Perfumes 1867

Sawer, J. Ch. - Odorographia 1894

A Natural History of Raw Materials and Drugs Used in the Perfume Industry n.d.

Schimmel (Fritzsche Bros.) - Semi-Annual Report on Essential Oils 1904

The Toilet of Flora 1879 Walter, E. - Manual for the Essence Industry 1916

Yahna, H. - The Miracle of Smell and Taste n.d. (2005?)


Articles Available to Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute Students:

Aristotle - On Sense and the Sensible

Burfield, Tony - On Adulteration of Aromatics

deMaupassant, G. - Stable Pefume

Dioscoredes - Book One Aromatics

Gilbert, A. - The Emperor's New Theory

Hoskins, J. - All the Perfumes of Arabia

Huysmans, J. - Against the Grain

Marshall, S. - Frankincense

McCoy, A. - Natural Perfumery: A Fragrant Evolution (pub. Aromatic Sage.com)

McCoy, A. - Steve Earl - Position Paper: Defining Natural Perfumery

McCoy, A. - Robert Tisserand, Tony Burfield - IFRA/EU Boycott Primer (pub. self)

McCoy, A. - The Beauty of Botanicals Made Liquid: The Passion of Natural Perfumers (pub. Basenotes.net)

McCoy, A. - The Stages of Public Acceptance of Natural Perfumery (pub. Basenotes.net)

McCoy, A. - Book Review: What the Nose Knows (pub. Basenotes.net)

McCoy, A. - Book Review: The Essence of Perfume (pub. Basenotes.net)

McCoy, A. - Anya's Garden blog since 2006 - hundreds of short articles on perfumery

Melville, H. - Ambergris/Moby Dick Ch. 92

Monell Institute - Olfactory World

Piesse, W. - Perfume Organ Pliny the Elder - Historia naturalis Roudnitska, E. - Where are We Going? 1969

Roudnitska, E. - Perfumery and Marketing 1970

Roudnitska, E. - The Novice and His Perfume Palette 1982

Roudnitska, E. - Concerning the Circumstances Favorable to the Creation of an Original Perfume 1984

Theoprastus - Concerning Odours Vainstein, A. - Floral fragrance


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