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Enroll in a professional, modern perfumery course


Students receive extensive assistance in getting started with supplies with helpful documents that include:

  • 350 page color illustrated textbook with charts, recording forms, and much more
  • Numerous recording forms that can be updated and searched, including Excel sheets and Word documents
  • Suppliers lists for worldwide procurement of:
  • Alcohol, including alcohol FAQ
  • Bottles, both wholesale and retail worldwide
  • Aromatics, both wholesale and retail worldwide
  • Custom box manufacturers

Students are instructed in modern and professional methods, including - Learn how to dilute aromatics to save money when creating perfumes and to "open up" the essence so you can see how it will perform in the finished perfume.

The Natural Perfumery Institute (NPI) offers professional level courses on creating natural perfume and awards a diploma certifying completion of the course.

You will learn the art in a logical, comprehensive manner covering all the aspects of blending natural essences to create a beautiful perfume. You'll learn about safety, regulations, suppliers, and much more.

The classes for this course are all offline distance learning modules, which means you can study at your own pace, from home, or while on vacation. This is a great opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world, to learn natural perfumery at a professional level!

Join the hundreds of students in a supportive online forum to network, ask questions, and share your experiences.

You'll begin instruction on what specific gravity means in natural perfume creation in the Basic Course and get in-depth instruction in the Intermediate Course.


The NPI offers several options for your study, from the Basic Course, through Intermediate, and Graduate.

There are two Basic Course enrollment choices:

1. Private Tutorial with website access and instructor guidance for review of assignments: $2600 click here

2. Independent Study with student forum for questions and comments, no website or individual instructor guidance or assignment review: $1025 - $1060 click here

The topics covered in the natural perfumery textbook are numerous, and, as a result, the Table of Contents is nine pages long.

Mouse over the image below to obtain a sample of the Table of Contents

Sample TOC NPI


NPI textbook cover

Natural Perfumery Institute Textbook

The Natural Perfumery Institute (NPI) offers a professional and comprehensive natural perfume course accompanied with a 350-page full-color illustrated textbook.

Founder and Head Instructor Anya McCoy is Inducted into the American Society of Perfumers

An internationally renowned natural perfume pioneer and innovator, Founder and Head Instructor Anya McCoy is the first artisan perfumer and first natural perfumer to achieve this status in the sixty-six year history of the Society.

This is a wonderful advancement for recogniton of artisan perfumery. Anya looks forward to nominating other artisan perfumers into this organization in the future.

Perfumer and NPI Founder Anya McCoy

Read a recent interview with Anya from Eden Botanicals click here

Anya is a former professor at Florida Atlantic University, and has applied her skills as an instructor to develop this dynamic, professional perfumery course.

Study perfumery with the confidence that you are learning from an international award-winning perfumer.

Anya wrote the first USA-based perfumery textbook for this course and developed unique forms, charts and supporting materials to instruct her students in the art of perfume making.

Note: the techniques taught by the NPI can be used with any aromatic materials.

  • Evaluation methodology instruction is supplemented with unique and advanced recording forms

  • Dilution techniques for quick, economical study are introduced after you work with undiluted materials, giving you complete control over the materials

  • The use of scales and laboratory equipment

  • French perfumery school techniques are taught for classic perfume composition

  • Recorded lectures, expansive library of vintage perfumery books and articles, perfumery videos, bonus modules, and private study website access (Private Tutorial option)

  • Study topics include all aspects of perfumery, including history, environmental, legislative, production, extraction and much more

  • Lifetime enrollment in the student discussion forum so that you may continue to interact with other students and faculty

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Enroll now and begin the perfumery education that can put you on the path to becoming a professional perfumer.

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1. The Natural Perfumery Institute and the Natural Perfumers Guild co-published a white paper on Proper pH for Accords, Perfumes, and Tinctures.

This is a helpful guide for artisan and independent perfumers, written to share chemical precautions to assist them in perfume production. The paper was co-authored by three NPI faculty members.

2. Perfumery Quotes - a delightful booklet to amuse and inspire.

3. Natural Perfume Materials book by Naves and Mazuyer - a wonderful rare and out of print reference book on natural aromatics.

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