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Professional Perfume Making Course

Independent OFFLINE Study Option Tuition $1025 - $1060

Whether a hobbyist or someone who wants to become a professional perfumer, you can make your own perfume, on your own terms, after finishing this course. You'll learn techniques that work with any aromatic materials, from 100% natural to aromachemicals.

You'll benefit from the educational advantage of taking a course designed by a former Florida Atlantic University professor.

There are no prerequisites for the home study perfumery course Study perfumery from the comfort of your home, no need to travel. Sign up at any time, start your studies immediately upon receipt of the NPI 350-page full-color textbook.

A separate downloadable package of recordkeeping evaluation forms and informational charts is included and can be downloaded from the private student discussion group on Yahoo.

flask and perfume materials

Take as long as you wish to complete your studies. Ability to be awarded a diploma as a natural perfumer upon submittal of perfume and essay Ability to take Intermediate Private Tutoring option after award of diploma.

*Tuition for USA-based students, includes priority shipping. Please see Enroll page for details and International shipping rates for non-USA students.

Independent Study students can interact with other students and the faculty in a discussion forum group on Yahoo. This is a valuable educational bonus and will help the new student make friends in the community while learning.

The Independent Study student may apply for their diploma certifying completion of the course upon providinga brief essay about the process of the perfume they have created for evaluation for the final project.

A minimum of 1 milliliter of perfume, labeled with the student's name and the name of the perfume must be mailed to the Head Instructor. The student must also submit the list of aromatics and suppliers used. The perfume review fee must be submitted at this time.

perfume making kit

To Enroll in the perfume class at the Natural Perfumery Institute, or to purchase a perfume making kit, Click here.


"I love to work with students to help them progress with their dream of becoming a perfumer. The Independent Study Basic Course is for students who do not wish to participate online, or believe they may not finish the course in one year, or want a more economical tuition.

The textbook for the Independent Study Course is the same one that the Private Tutorial Basic Course students receive. The independent student will benefit from the various special and unique techniques that I teach as part of the basic course, and I am delighted to be able to provide them to you."

- Anya McCoy

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This is a helpful guide for artisan and independent perfumers, written to share chemical precautions to assist them in perfume production. The paper was co-authored by three NPI faculty members.

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