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Student Testimonials for the Perfumery Course

"It really is impressive how much information is there for us and I'm really learning with our class." Susan Stype, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Anya's natural perfumery course is a worthwhile investment for a wide range of students, from those with no prior experience to those who have significant blending behind them but have an interest in advancing their skills.

In particular, the lectures and accompanying self-managed exercises provide even experienced students with tools for more systematically building their scent memory, getting to really know the synergies between aromatics, and leveraging that knowledge to design perfumes with more certainty in the expected outcome. Sharon Schetelick, New Jersey, USA

Dear Anya, I hope you will allow me to study with you further. I love the process and you are an excellent instructor. As a person who has been in many classrooms observing teachers, I recognize a great teacher in you. Thank you so much. Carla Lam, Ancorage, USA

Over the last two years I have focused my energy on learning the technical art of perfumery by attending seminars, classes and groups with renowned Natural Perfumers and organizations. When it comes to education, I have very high standards, both as a student and as a teacher. The Natural Perfumery Institute's Course is simply the best text book and program I have seen on the subject of natural perfumery. It is presented as a higher educational text book, clearly written and organized in a coherent manner. For those who have looked into the conventional path to becoming a modern perfumer, which has many hurdles, this program is a great option. Clear, concise and extremely informative. Daniel Krasofski, Educator at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Los Angeles

NPI droppers diluted aromatics and flacon of perfume

I studied with Anya (our Yahoo list mom) and the course was fantastic, I highly recommend it if you want to get some great training and support making natural perfumes. Her course is a lot of work, and worth every penny you will spend, she is amazing as are her gorgeous perfumes! Natalie Beaulieu, Toronto, Canada

I highly recommend to anyone to take this journey for a year with Anya. Anya is a wonderful, patient teacher that truly inspires her students to expand and explore. (thank you Anya). I feel inspired everyday to search out new oils, read about them and smell them and now this month we are learning to blend them together, creating accords. A new world has certainly opened up for me. If you love being creative and the smells of nature you will love this class. Wendy Moore, Australia

I would like to say that if anyone taking Anya's class course gets to thinking that this information in the course is a lot to handle or gets discouraged, they should purchase some quality natural perfumes. It will spark you. My perfumery work was never as intense as this course is, but it is an amazing journey. I say intense because there is a lot of knowledge there and it's brilliant. Maureen Sunde, Florida, USA

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