Michelia figo - banana-scented flowers

Michelia figo – banana-scented flowers

A BANANA-scented flower! The Michelias are a beautiful group of magnolias. Of course, there’s the M. champaca, with glorious golden/orange fragrant flowers, known as the Joy Perfume tree, and M. alba, whose white flowers smell of fruit and sweetness, and I also love M. figo, with smaller, banana-scented flowers! I had this beauty transplanted from a spot in the front garden where it wasn’t thriving. It’s been in my back garden “plant hospital” for several months and is now blooming like crazy. Lots of fun! I don’t tincture this one, because I use tinctured freeze-dried bananas for that purpose. Don’t you just love it? You can grow this in a big pot, Northerners, and move it indoors in the winter.

All sorts of fun and easy ways to extract natural scents from plant materials is shared with my students in the Natural Perfumery Institute course.


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