Founded 2007 – the first online, distance-learning natural perfumery course

The Natural Perfumery Institute was founded in 2007 to bring Anya’s decades of research, experimentation with aromatics and techniques, and perfume creation to perfume students worldwide. She wanted to offer students around the globe the opportunity to receive professional education in the art and science of natural perfume.

Since then, hundreds of students have enjoyed the benefit of studying at home, on vacation, at any time, or any place. Requested by members of the Natural Perfumery group on Yahoo, Anya developed these courses that would provide logical, in-depth educational materials for the development of a program that would satisfy the potential perfumers, aromatherapists, body care formulators, and others interested in natural aromatics.

Distance Learning

The Yahoo Natural Perfumery Group membership was made up of students and perfumers from 14 different countries from around the world. Since Anya is a believer is a low carbon footprint and sustainable technology, she made it easy for everyone to study from the comfort of their home, no travel needed. This had to be accomplished along with a university-level curriculum offering a breadth and depth of educational materials that Anya gathered and shared after decades of perfumery experience.

Course Content and Benefits

  • Lifetime enrollment
  • Student forums for updates and questions
  • Unique and modern recording forms
  • Hundreds of downloadable .pdfs of articles and books
  • Dozens of bonus modules
  • 350-page textbook for the basic course
  • Modules for Intermediate and Graduate courses
  • Diploma of Completion awarded*
    *see the NPI FAQ for details

Options for Basic Course Study

There are two different options for study, both contain the same educational materials including the 350-page textbook, many supplemental forms, charts, and digital materials, and full access to the course website and lifetime enrollment.

  1. Independent Study Option: Tuition $1200
  2. Private Tutorial Option: Tuition $2600 (See Here)


Whether a hobbyist or someone who wants to become a professional perfumer, you can make your own perfume, on your own terms, after finishing this course. You’ll learn techniques that work with any aromatic materials, from 100% natural to aromachemicals.

You’ll benefit from the educational advantage of taking a course designed by a former Florida Atlantic University professor.

There are no prerequisites for the home study perfumery course.

A separate downloadable package of recordkeeping evaluation forms and informational charts is included and can be downloaded from the course website and accessed at any time the student is online.

Take as long as you wish to complete your studies. An Independent Study student is eligible for a diploma as a natural perfumer upon submittal of a final perfume and essay, and upon completion, can choose the option of continuing their studies in the Intermediate Level Course. (See FAQ)

Independent Study students can interact with other students and the faculty in a discussion forum group and lifetime enrollment is included. This is a valuable educational bonus.

A student forum keeps the Institute community connected, and students and faculty can network, ask questions, share findings, and join in friendly camaraderie.


While providing the same basic education and resources as with the Independent Study option, the Private Tutorial option includes personal interaction with the Instructor(s) as often as needed, on as many topics related to perfumery that the student is interested in exploring. In addition, the Private Tutorial student may submit their assignments for Instructor feedback  and guidance.

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