Ask the Perfumer 5/26/2013 When it comes in a dream

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I jumped out of  bed this morning, because I got the solution to a design problem in a dream just as I was waking up.  Such exhilaration!  Have you experienced this? I have, many times, because I pay attention to my dreams.  The problem was in the layout and design of a product for my students.  This product, which I call the “Natural Perfumery Menu” has been in the works for several years.  I had put it aside as other projects and demands took up my time, but after reviving it this past week, my subconscious went to work to aid my conscious mind! There are still elements to be worked out, but I am on the right track now, and it feels great!

PS: The Menu will be a wonderful tool for everyone interested in natural perfumery, not just my students 🙂

Any perfumery problems or roadblocks troubling you?  Ask me, maybe I can help.  I’ll be here until 10 PM ET, USA.

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Angel Trumpet flowers outside my house.  They become very fragrant at night, and the narcotic element in them can induce dreams

Angel Trumpet flowers outside my house. They become very fragrant at night, and the narcotic element in them can induce dreams


  1. Eileen

    I am glad to hear that your subcons mind is talking again! We call it the Moon in astrology and feelings in phychology. Feelings is what inspires arts. You will get your new perfume out soon. Today I am traveling and have the perfumery book with me and your Royal Lotus perfume to inspire the quest of Colonial perfumery in PR and US Virgin Islands.

  2. Cynthe Brush

    The subconscious mind via dreams is a rich source of creativity! Worthy of paying attention to. Meditation also taps into this resource, focusing the mind for surprising clarity. Both my hubby and I ‘pay attention.’ I though dreams. He via meditation.

    Your Natural Perfumery Menu idea sounds really interesting!

  3. Carol Gay Fagerhaugh

    Great ! Anya , super that you can still rest and be working on your projects. . because you are IN YOU ELEMENT. .you live breath, sleep, and are awake in your Destiny of Purpose ! You ARE a fragrant AROMA. . to many ! xoxocarolgayxoxo

  4. Noelle

    My question is about extraction of geranium oil. I have good growth of perennial geranium this year but have never harvested it. Do I use the flowers for extraction or the leaves or both? I was just gardening and thinking you might know. 🙂 I have a friend with a still so….

    • Anya

      Dear Noelle:

      Can you confirm you have a lovely scented Pelargonium geranium? Do you know the species? Common geraniums are not suitable for distillation, only some Pelargoniums are. If you have a nice rose scented Pelargonium, check the plant is two years old, at least, in full flower. Harvest only the top leaves, no stems, and distill. You’ll get a lot of hydrosol, very little oil, but the hydrosol is great, too!


  5. Susan

    Hi Anya! I love your story about solutions coming in a dream. I love it when that happens. I’m late coming in here, but I do have a question for you. My “wild” petunias have been magnificent this year, and I have become obsessed with the fragrance. They are best in the evening and at night, when a slight breeze brings their earthy floral to my nose. (These are the regular old garden petunias…they pop up all around my old homestead because the previous owner planted them for many years.) I would love to capture this scent. How is petunia scent best captured? Thanks for any ideas you can provide.


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