Ask the Perfumer March 23, 2014 Perfume Bottle Lust and International Fragrance Day

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Boule bottles of Je Reviens perfume from Worth

Boule bottles of Je Reviens perfume from Worth

March 21st was International Fragrance Day, and I posted about it on Facebook and included this photo of some bottles from my vintage perfume collection. Oh, if only we artisan perfumers had the resources to obtain bottles such as this! Not only are these beauties frosted, the stars are raised, so you have lots of sensory pleasure when you pick one up, and then, when you open it, the final pleasure – the perfume.

Enough about that! It’s only a bit discouraging, and I’m here to encourage you to ask questions about perfume making. I’ll be here until 10 PM ET USA, and I’ll take breaks from writing the Perfume From Your Garden book and blending some perfumes to answer your questions.


  1. Mary H Anderson

    Hi, Anna~

    This post brought back fond memories for me–Je Reviens was my first perfume, probably eau de toliette in spray form, I picked it out myself as a young teenager, I’m guessing 14 years old, and lost track of it with years of exploration of other scents.
    Is it still available?
    Thank you for your answer,

  2. Hemla

    Beautiful bottles. not really a question, but sorta related, would you post pictures of your studio at some point?
    I’m so curious how it would look, seeing as it’s aloted a more respectable place than the more familiar to me hobby corner, if you’re lucky you get a work bench 🙂


  3. Anya

    Hi Mary:

    I got mine as a teenager, also. I was 17 and graduating from high school, and my aunt gave me a gift set with cologne and pure perfume. She also gave me a huge ornate bottle of Molynieux’ Fete, which was the polar opposite of Je Reviens.
    I suggest you look on ebay for vintage bottles. Only buy vintage, and don’t be fooled by vintage after 1980 or so – it was reformulated into a cheap smelling perfume.
    When I was creating mods for my Royal Lotus perfume, I was surprised to find one was very close to Je Reviens, and that’s the one I chose. It was made of all-natural aromatics, of course, unlike Je Reviens, but the similarities are striking.

    Best Wishes,

  4. Anya

    Mary, I just went to ebay and searched for vintage je Reviens. You’d probably be safe getting the tiny micro round blue lalique bottle or the fluted bottle. Some are buy now, and they look like good deals.

    Good luck!

  5. Anya

    Dear Hemla:

    You’ve asked me this before, and I’m still trying to rearrange my studio.I want to present it as I know I want it to be: all the aromatics in dilutions. It works beautifully for me now, but the mixture of bottles is not what I desire. I hope to get it done this year. I’m a rather private person, so putting out an image that doesn’t agree with my aesthetic isn’t something I’ll do.



  6. Kim

    Hi Anya,

    How delightful!! You’ve just triggered my memory with your pics and posts.

    About 18 months ago my husband purchased a vintage near antique travellers case and in it there were lots of delights among a selection of beautiful etched bottles with glass stoppers and silver caps I found 2 really old bottles of perfume with the aromatic concentrated remnants. One was a 15ml vintage je Reviens bottle. I loved the fragrance… so now I see you can still purchase I will add that to my list.

    I understand your feelings about your studio, I’m the same and today I’m making a huge step to create my vision in my studio to allow people to visit and have open days.

    Thank you for all you do and I love your course. My reorganizing is essential to fully move forward with it and have the dedicated space for my perfume direction.

    Love and Blessings

  7. Trisha

    Hey dear when can i buy your book 🙂


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