Attar of Roses Geranium Perfume Plant

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And they say scented geraniums can’t be grown in Miami! The beautifully-scented Pelargonium geraniums are native to the high, dry desert of South Africa. Minimal rainfall, low humidity, and far from the equator, they flourish there and in many Mediterranian climates around the world. Mine struggled but survived their first summer (2014) in Miami, and they are flourishing now, and their perfume is divine.

In Miami, we have hot, humid summers and we’re close to the Equator. I babied the various scented geraniums, and about 50% of them survived. The Attar of Roses variety, Pelargonium captiatum is thriving, and I intend to harvest the leaves for distilling in late Spring.

attar of roses scented geranium flowers

The deeper pink venation on the two upper petals is a sure sign of Attar of Roses scented geranium


  1. Michelle Martin

    Lovely! And way to go! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Hussein Fakhry

    Hi Anya and All, Pleased to see your appreciation of Rose Geranium! 🙂 It is Egypt’s most important aromatic raw material (accounting for some 45% of the country’s ARM’s turnover !) We have the pleasure to offer it in conventional as well as certified organic qualities (EU, NOP, JAS, and DEMETER qualities) as an oil, but we also produce an AMAZING concrete and absolute from it. If interested please contact us. Cheers, – Hussein

  3. Alice Mae Lewis

    One of my all time favorites!!! Have had limited success growing them here on the Central Gulf coast of Florida. You have inspired me to try again. They are wonderful to use in baking too!


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