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Natural Perfumery Institute

Graduate Perfumery Course

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From: $129.00 / month for 10 months and a $875.00 sign-up fee

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Perfumery Graduate Course


Module 1

Entering the graduate-level study at the Natural Perfumery Institute is similar to doctorate studies, and the student will follow a protocol that allows him or her to draw upon the education accomplished in the Basic and Intermediate Level studies. The work product will be a finished perfume and written thesis summarizing the process.

Thesis Brief

Pick a thesis for your graduate study, which will be an extended perfume brief, known as a thesis brief. Suggested themes for thesis brief may include something that has meaning to you, such as country of birth, favorite flower, modern take on historical fragrance, such as updated cologne, the memory of a place that is unique, etc. Allow your creativity and desire for an expression of your perfume to guide you. You may take as much time as you need to develop the thesis brief.

You will draw upon all of the methods you have learned, the equipment you have experimented with, and determine what is most appropriate for this thesis brief. You may add to it in the future if adaptations are required.

Provide the Instructor with a list of the aromatics you select for the project, including botanical and common name, type of aromatics e.g. absolute, essential oil, tincture, country of origin. You may create a table for this so that you can sort the list and add other aromatics at a later date if necessary.

Include a description of the methods you intend to use in creating the perfume. This may include weighing aromatics, making dilutions, evaluation techniques, accords, iterations, modifications, lab equipment, comparison studies, etc. You may add some method you developed yourself, as this is the time to show your development and progress as a professional perfumer.

Fragrance Family

This is where the student can either choose a known fragrance family or propose one that suits their vision for the perfume.

Interaction with Instructor

The graduate student will submit written materials to the instructor as the work progresses. There is no penalty for being late because it is understood that the selection of the aromatics and the design process of the thesis brief is flexible and sometimes unknown new territory. It is expected that the student will not progress further in the process than is asked for in the Modules. Module 1 is the preparatory phase for work and will be thoroughly reviewed by the Instructor and feedback given before beginning work on the perfume.
When the Instructor determines that the Module 1 requirements of the thesis brief have been accomplished, the student will receive instructions for moving on to Module 2.


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