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Natural Perfumery Institute

Intermediate Perfumery Course

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From: $129.00 / month for 10 months and a $875.00 sign-up fee

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Intermediate Level Natural Perfumery Course

  • You've made a beautiful perfume, using drops, either diluted or undiluted. You need to learn specific gravity to be able to scale up that perfume in volume. We teach a fun, easy way to work with specific gravity, and you'll know the cost of every batch, down to the penny.
  • Inexpensive laboratory equipment makes perfume creation easy. The module on laboratory equipment will open your eyes to the help simple gadgets can make in your studio.
  • Comparing and contrasting aromatic oils is necessary to allow you to see the interactions and reactions they have with each other. It's more than accord-building, it's scent memory building and students love the way it carries them to the next level of comprehending how aromatics work.

These oils weigh the same but notice the difference in volume. Learn how to convert drops to weight to accurately scale up perfume amounts successfully. An Excel.xls program is provided to the students so they can quickly calculate the strength of perfume (in percent), cost of the oils and alcohol, in any volume. Necessary for a perfume business, because scaling up drops doesn't work for increased volume production.

There are several core learning modules that all are required to take and one elective. Each module will be expected to be completed in two to three months.

Core Syllabus:

- Working with a specific gravity program and converting all of the aromatics in your organ to usable items with specific gravity and cost built into an Excel worksheet. The Excel worksheet was designed by Anya McCoy and an engineer and is copyrighted.

- Extensive compare and contrast evaluations on aromatics, complex, and different from the accord studies in the Basic Course.

- Using various laboratory equipment and devices in perfumery, including an ultrasonic machine for tinctures, (and also for aging modification.) Using conductivity meters, filtration devices, separatory funnels, and more.


- We will decide on an aspect of perfumery that you wish to improve your skills in, including blending, business, or technical options.

Certification Diploma

A diploma of certification that the Intermediate Level has been successfully completed will be awarded.

1 review for Intermediate Perfumery Course

  1. lespiagge

    Anya’s Intermediate Course is absolutely essential for any serious natural perfumer in the making. Much of the content offered here is not available anywhere else — making it a truly invaluable learning experience. This took my abilities and methods to the next level!

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