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An Extravagant Perfumed Life – Something we all want! 🙂 A closeout on the unctuous Kaffir perfume, 10% off through August 1st on botanicals and kits, and become the best perfumer you can be

A Perfect Scent for Summer – Closeout and Savings


I love my kaffir lime tree, also known as Thai lime. I’ve grown it for twenty years in my back garden, using the leaves and fruits for food and to make perfumes. I had to discontinue Kaffir perfume because one of the ingredients has disappeared from the world market. I have seven bottles of the pure perfume left, and I’ve put them on sale at great savings. Kaffir is a heady, rich citrus scent, with a strong jasmine heart and a leather/wood base. $40 while supplies last. You can purchase it by clicking here.


Everyone Can Enjoy a Professional Perfumer’s Kit


I still remember back to the 1970s, and how I delighted in obtaining new essential oils and absolutes to explore.

When I began to offer the study kits to my students, I was surprised at how many non-students ordered them. If you love natural fragrance, you like to dabble and make your own personal scents, you want only the best aromatics. I carefully select the oils for my two kits based on my forty years of sourcing. My nose knows, and yours will, too!

With each kit, you’ll receive emailed instructions on how to dilute the aromatics for an affordable alternative to using them “straight”. I’m offering 10% off with the code 100%natural. Use it at checkout, and you’ll save on the boronia, too!  Click here to visit the botanicals page.


The Perfumed Life Is Extravagant – and Beautiful


Miami is so fragrant with every lush, tropical flower blooming now, it’s a delight. Opening a window, or walking outside day or night provides a bouquet of gorgeous gifts from nature.

To me, the scent of vanilla, which does not waft off the plant, but requires a lengthy, careful process to tease out of the drying beans, is heavenly. Slowly but surely, I’m adding botanicals for sale back on my website, and this month, vanilla absolute, along with luscious boronia absolute are offered. I purchased such quantity that I can offer a very good price for this beloved vanilla absolute. I offer the most reasonable price on boronia to be found on the Internet.

To further reintroduce it to you my botanicals page, the same 10% off with the code 100%natural is available for the vanilla and boronia. Use it at checkout, and you’ll save on the boronia, too!  Click here to visit the botanicals page.


Energy, Passion, Imagination, Training


Regarding perfumery, I have an abundance of energy, passion, and imagination, and I trained myself, taking several decades of trial and error to perfect the methods and techniques necessary to be a professional perfumer.

When I launched America’s first natural perfume line in 1991, it was the energy and passion that moved me to take such a bold step. Decades of successful perfume creation, hundreds of students, and a finger on the pulse of the worldwide rise of artisan perfumers later, I am happy to offer my professional course online.

Please visit http://PerfumeClasses.com to learn more about my course. I am delighted to instruct students from thirty two countries, helping them move their energy, passion and imagination forward with the latest in training resources. Join the Natural Perfumery Institute today and become the best perfumer you can be.



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