I’ve spent over forty years  extracting fragrance from plants, blending those extracts and purchased essential oils and other fragrant materials into perfume. Not just perfumes, but also sprays, body butters, and bath and body scented products. With the publication of Homemade Perfume on July 31st, all of my experience is in one book for everyone!

I wish I had this book when I started working with herbs and fragrant plants year ago, and I know you’ll appreciate the detailed information in my book, me passing my hard-earned knowledge down to you. You can pre-order the book on Amazon so you’ll get it immediately after the July 31, 2018 release date by following this link.

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Homemade Perfume Book by Anya McCoy cover

Homemade Perfume Book by Anya McCoy

Capturing the Fragrance of the Garden

The self-satisfaction of tincturing or infusing that gardenia bush, or preserving the scent of the lily-of-the-valley plants that spring up each year, only to fade is something a DIYer, perfumer, crafter, soapmaker, or just lover of fragrance can enjoy after reading Homemade Perfume.

How about turning the peonies or tuberose blossoms into an indulgent body butter or solid perfume? The book is the first of its kind to give detailed instructions on how to do this, and much more. Don’t have a garden with fragrant plants? Well, I hope to encourage you to either start growing them, or seeing with your family or friends or neighbors might be willing to share.

There are also instructions on how to extract the scent from fragrant botanicals that you can purchase, such as coriander seed, vetiver, patchouli, and rosebuds (to name a few). These can easily be made into room sprays, oil or alcohol perfumes, and other scented delights.

I’ve done this for years, and now you can, too, with guidance and detailed instructions. Help lessen the burden on the Earth by growing your own! Sustainability and self-reliance are satisfying goals, and my book will help you with both.

Willing to get ambitious and start distilling, making essential oils or hydrosols? You’ll find what will – or will not – work.

Perfume Making Techniques and Instruction

Best of all, I share basic perfume making techniques. You’ll learn how to evaluate and record your impressions of the scented extracts, and how to start constructing a perfume, room or body spray, etc. I do teach an advanced course, but for someone not planning to go into the business of making perfumes, Homemade Perfume will give you the knowledge of how to create fun and fragrant projects.

Table of Contents for Homemade Perfume






A Book for all Growing Zones

I live in Miami, and enjoy the beauty of ylang ylang trees, frangipani, champacas, and other tropical beauties you probably never have experienced. It’s been decades since I breathed in the beauty of lilacs, linden trees, or fresh and lively conifers – so we’re even!

Homemade Perfume is written with a mix of all types of plants, from all zones. I supply a table that will allow you to select the type and duration of processing necessary for your plant, in your zone. Have a delicate flower like mock orange? That’s covered. Thick, leathery leaves? Covered? Roots or wood? Don’t worry, you’ll have the hand reference table to help you.

Forty plants are profiled in the book for further reference, and the type of fragrant part of the plant will be covered, so you can yes, find if it’s in your garden, or area, and follow the instructions for a successful scent extraction.

Other Sources for Supplies – Supplied!

I grow a lot of fragrant plants, and have a cabinet filled with my extracts, but of course, I have to buy supplemental essential oils and absolutes to round out my perfume organ. No linden trees here, no pinyon pine, so I have reputable suppliers I depend on for obtaining these oils. The appendix in the book lists these suppliers, plus alcohol, bottle, and many other items you may need.


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I’m also asking if you can preorder the book on Amazon to help the search engine rating for it. You might think, why do that if I might win a copy? Well, you keep the signed copy and give the Amazon book to a friend! Win all around!

What if you’ve already preordered? You might win a signed copy, and yes, give the preordered copy to a friend. I’d still appreciate your comments and sharing!

Five helpful readers who do this will be in a random draw for a signed copy of Homemade Perfume when it is published. I would love your help in spreading the news about my book, truly the first of its kind. So many years and so many experiments went into it! Deadline for the commenting and sharing on social media is Sunday, April 22, 2018, Earth Day. Isn’t that appropriate? :-)


  1. Charmain Page

    Great effort ! -inspirational and exciting! Many Thanks – will spread the word far and wide. ~ Charmainxx00

  2. Chris Schaefer

    I have been waiting so long for this lovely book. Several years ago I made the decision to only grow fragrant plants in my garden, and I am surprised to find the variety that I can play with. I want to share this my friends on Facebook.

  3. Rachel Singletary

    I’ve been waiting on this book for almost 6 years, I can’t believe it’s finally time!!

  4. Lena

    So exciting! I’ve never tried making perfume from the flowers in my fragrant backyard garden, but now I will learn how!

  5. Amanda

    Found it on facebook through a friend share, also shared on facebook!

  6. Michael

    I cannot wait for this book! Every perfume maker will need to get this book for sure.

  7. Susan Marynowski

    I am sharing your blog post in my Facebook herb group (NFHERB). Can’t wait to see the new book…looks like it will be fabulous! ~Susan

  8. Julie Baker

    Very excited about the organic perfume book. Just finished a fun workshop with Women’s Heritage in Carpinteria, CA making tinctures and salves, and learning about hydrosols (their blog: womensheritage.com). Would love to see a non-profit created for flowers, using the same concept as “Veggie Rescue” in Solvang, CA (https://www.veggierescue.org), where excess produce from farms is collected and delivered at no cost to recipients. For flowers that are starting to wilt or excess in abundance, the same efforts could be done, making perfumery more sustainable. I will forward the blog to my friends and relatives via email, as I don’t use facebook, Instagram, etc. currently.

  9. Jenya Bushmich

    Looks like a really great book. I’m sharing this with my friends on FB, hopefully I will win it!

  10. Elaine Richard

    I so look forward to working with the tropical flowers in your new book, Anya. Facebook also received my comment. Thank you for the offer!

  11. Galit Alter

    SO enamored with alll things perfume, but Homemade perfumes are all LOVE! So excited, can’t wait! Sharing the love on social media as I type!

  12. Linda

    What an awesome resource, the result of years of experience! I can hardly wait to receive my copy once it is released so I can expand my current repertoire of techniques and products.

  13. Crystal Baldwin

    The book sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read it. Also shared on Facebook!

  14. Samantha Foster

    I’ve been playing around with aromatherapy and herbal tinctures over the years, but it’s now bubbling up into a real passion. I can’t wait for this book so I can learn how to do it properly and finally be happy with the results! :)

  15. Janice Regier

    Very excited to get a great reference ! Thanks for the Giveaway ! Shared every where !

  16. Rae Lynn Reffruschinni

    I can’t wait to have this book for my own! I remember trying enfleurage when I was a teenager. It was not a success! I shared your post on Facebook.

  17. Monica Englander

    I can’t wait to read this, and am hoping to win the free copy. I’ve been a fan for years, and my fondest dream is still to study with you some day. Thanks for the many years of great contributions, community, and absolutely amazing skill and mastery.

  18. Renee Ford

    Preordered in February I think. The wilting blossoms shown above look remind me so much of one of my favorite flowers in Mom’s garden gone so long ago -multi colors of phlox with their sweet nectar.

  19. Sarah

    How exciting!

    I shared on Pinterest. :)

  20. Chanelle

    Thank you for a chance to win the book. I forwarded it on Facebook and twitter and Pinterest

  21. Edie

    Ooh! Shared and preordered!

  22. ROSE W

    Looking forward to the new book and possibly taking the class – shared on Fb

  23. Irena Druzenko

    Waiting for the book so much and my perfumers friends from Ukraine!

  24. Susan Farber

    I cannot wait to read your book. I am passionate about tincturing and infusing plant materials and would like to learn more about how to integrate them in perfumery. I shared your blog post on Pinterest.

  25. Tiffany Robbins

    I’ve been enjoying Anya’s work for years. I can’t wait until this is released!!!

  26. Tiffany Robbins

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  27. Christine Breakstone

    So excited for this book! Congratulations on your publication. So many aha moments within your written wisdom. Shared

  28. Linda

    What a wonderful and comprehensive sounding book on the topic of perfume. I look forward to reading it!

  29. Joni

    I can’t wait to get your new book, and get my own perfume garden going! Thank you for writing it!

  30. Sonya

    I am so excited!! I am a perfume maker and would love to learn more! Congrats on your continued success!!

  31. Sonya

    Shared on fb!!

  32. Kate

    I’m so excited to read this book! Can’t wait until it comes out!

  33. Shira Jayson

    I am so excited about Anya’s NEW book! I received a Certificate from Anya, and her course is amazing, as well as the Natural Perfumery Book, that I used to study with her, as well as use as a daily reference book to my perfume making!!!! This new book will probably be just as good and Anya has a way of explaining how to do things so the lay person can fully understand! She is thorough and knowledgable. Please order your book today!!!! I will soon too!

  34. Dr. Holly

    Thank you, Anya, for your passion and commitment. You and what you accomplish are inspiring! Congratulations on, what looks like will be, a real resource, Not just another redo. Fragrant Blessings to you!

  35. Estelle

    Can’t wait to read this book. I have been waiting to find this information ! I do my own perfumes from essential oils and absolutes and I feel ready to move onto extracting my own essences. Particularly because my jasmine is starting to flower ! Thanks Anaya !

  36. Marge Clark

    Can’t wait to review this for our clients!

  37. Julie

    I’ve already preordered the book, and can’t wait to read it! Congratulations, and so many thanks for all your inspiring work.

  38. Abdel Elyakini

    Once I reviewed the contents of this book, I would like to say to anyone who loves the art of blending and science that you do not have to forsake one at the expense of the other anymore. from its contents, I am convinced that this book will be the key control of your blend that will increase your artistic freedom required in perfume creation. In the end This book is going to be that opportunity a perfumer was looking for to maximize his development with that appealing effect
    Thank you Anya about all your efforts made in this field of perfumery.

  39. Autumn Scott

    I’m looking forward to your book, Anya. I have made some products in the past from wild flowers and those in my garden, and would like to get back to doing more of this.

  40. Hemla

    Beautiful. Good luck

  41. Monica

    This looks like an amazing book to have! I have always wanted to learn how to make my own perfumes!

  42. Cheri Smith

    My father instilled a love of fragrance in me as a child. I have been interested in the old fashioned way of perfumery because of him.
    Your book looks outstanding to assist my goals!

  43. Sheila Rae Kriebel

    I NEED this in my collection!!

  44. Juniper Stokes

    I can’t wait for this! I’ll share on my Facebook business site, Essential Life Aromatherapy :)

  45. P. A. Wren

    Anya, I pre-ordered your book as soon as it was made available. I’ve enjoyed your input, information, and insights for over a decade now and am really looking forward to all the new things your book will bring. I’d love a copy to give to my sister-in-law who loves gardening at her mountain home in southwestern Oregon. Here in the mountain foothills of far northern California we have very hot, dry summers and cool-to-chilly, sometimes wet winters. I hope to find some good suggestions or clues as to what plants might be worth the effort in this non-tropical climate!

  46. Tracy Simmons

    What a fabulous reference. Can’t wait to add it to my collection. Thank you for your dedication to the natural perfumery world. I shared on Facebook. Thank you.

  47. Fran

    How fantastic. My ideal way of life in a book.

  48. Madalena

    I am so excited about this new book, and know it will be one of those constant companion books, well worn with all manner of my attempts at perfumery feeding back at me off the pages in years to come.

  49. Fay Hiscocks

    Way back when you first started talking about your book I expressed an interest in it and thought that I had pre ordered then. I imagine that I should pre order again. I am so excited to know how to obtain the fragrance from my star shooter lilies. Each year I have close to a hundred blossoms that are about 5 inches or more across. They are so fragrant I am so excited to have your book to help me save their beautiful fragrance. I will definitely pre order your book.

  50. Mazeer Ahmed

    look forward to read your book and shared on fb page by the name of Perfume lines which is manage by my self

  51. Fun Chiat

    Would there be a supplementary book that brings the user to detailed steps that he can follow? Something like a classroom ‘Exercise’ book that complements the main text book. This book have very interesting stuff to try

  52. Ehsan

    Dear Anya
    I do love to buy your precious book and although we are miles away from each other, I feel being on board the same ship in our beautiful voyage
    Fragrantly Yours
    Ehsan from Iran

  53. a.s. reisfield

    hello anya, my preorder has been submitted. felicidades.

  54. Michelle Cherry

    This is a new interest for me. I look forward to reading this!!

  55. Voranuch phakhanam

    LOVE this book
    From Thailand ka

  56. Cedar Stevens

    I can’t wait for this book! I’m enrolled in Anya’s online perfumery class, and Homemade Perfume will be a great augmentation! We have so many great fragrant plants in central Texas that are not on the market, and this book will possibly help bring those fragrances to the rest of the world!

  57. Laurie

    Wow, whoa , and whammytwinkles !
    I am so grateful for whoever guided me to you tonight !
    Yes i will preorder, 3 copies for 3 daughters and daughters in law , and hope fondly that I win a signed copy from your magical , hard working , learned by doing and failing and doing again hands –
    Omy goodness – what an honor that would be .
    Your blog will be linked to my pinterest and facebook account – if I can figure out how to do that

  58. Shontae

    I’m very excited for this book! I can’t wait until it’s released!

  59. Anya

    Thank you everyone, for your comments and sharing about my book Homemade Perfume, it is very much appreciated! I’ m using a random technique to choose the winners of the signed copy when it is published July 31, so please email me with your mailing instructions at https://anyasgarden.com/contact.htm

    The winners are: Laurie, Fay H., Sonya, Crystal, and Amanda.

  60. Amy

    I tried your enfleurage technique and love the powder created with jasmine flowers. I can’t wait to see what other goodies are in your book.

  61. Debra

    Have just bought the book today here in New Zealand. Really looking forward to reading it and start making thank you x


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