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My latest newsletter contains reviews of my new book Homemade Perfume, a book giveaway on a blog, and info on my professional perfumery course.

You can purchase Homemade Perfume  here, either a Kindle version or paperback.
In Homemade Perfume, I instruct you on how to select oils or extracts you have made from your garden, how to blend them, and how to make lovely fragrant products like liquid or solid perfumes, body powder, room and linen sprays, and much more. Included is a carefully curated list of suppliers for everything from bottles to alcohol, tools, essential oils, and miscellaneous supplies.
“In Homemade Perfume, [Anya McCoy] gives you step by step instructions that are very clear, and with their help, you can make your own essential oils, tinctures, even hydrosols! … The book is really nicely produced, clear, with a large number of photographs so you not only have instructions, but also have visual references to help you to understand exactly what to do, and how to do it in sequence. … You really do get comprehensive advice here, and it is by far the best book I have seen on this subject.”
                                                                          –Blacknall Allen’s A Perfume Blog
For Kindle readers:
“I’m impressed. This author knows how to teach and write instructions, and is extremely knowledgeable about the topic. I’ve read a lot of instructional books (I have a strange passion for how-to books, and I have a lot of hobbies so I tend to actually use the information). This book is well-written and well-designed. It seems care was taken to make the Kindle version actually usable which is, sadly, often not the case. I was able to read and use this book on my phone – very handy for a reference book.”
                                                                        — Carol C.
“Love my book!”
                                                                                                     — Bernadette H.

On the Fragrantica blog:

All in all, Homemade Perfume by Anya McCoy is a book that I feel should not only serve as a delicious conversation piece on my coffee table, for anyone visiting my place, but also as a personal reference for when the mood strikes to get down the shelf and try composing a Sensual Tincture Room and Linen Spray (recipe on page 121) or an Easy Pomade Semi-Solid Perfume (recipe on page 116).
 Anya has already conducted that crucial subject of such an opus as harvesting your own materials and making your own scents; safety precautions. Not only are her plant suggestions thoroughly researched (she clearly mentions that should you venture outside her propositions, you need to do your own research just to be sure), but her quantitative suggestions are carefully dosed to comply with FDA guidelines for skin use and for allergy precautions.
                                                                                                  — Elena Vosnaki

“I received my copy and it’s WONDERFUL. Thank you so much. <3”

                                                                                                   –Laura E.K.
“Yay! Got mine today…it is beautiful and I was so excited as I skimmed…I have a beautiful stand of yesterday, today and tomorrow bushes that are prolific bloomers! and I never thought about tincturing or distilling them! Can’t wait!”
                                                                                                            –Judy K.
“I received my book on the 31st. Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!”
                                                                                                           –Cynthia H.
You can purchase Homemade Perfume here, either a Kindle version or paperback.
Isabelle Gellé is a noted natural perfumer, and I was honored that she reviewed Homemade Perfume for the Cafleurebon blog.
Homemade Perfume is an entry book for those who want to learn about perfumery or a perfumer/homesteader/gardener who has fragrant plants growing and wants to learn how to extract their scent.

However – Do you want to be a professional perfumer?

 Homemade Perfume, my new book, contains a lot of information but is for the hobbyist. For anyone who wants to have a career in perfumery, my online distance-learning course is comprehensive and will give you all the information you need to establish a business. The Basic Course comes with a 350-page textbook, the first-ever written in the United States. I am a former adjunct professor in a graduate course at Florida Atlantic University, so I bring my decades of experience to this textbook.
Something you can’t get anywhere else – Supplemental materials that include both Word.doc and Excel.xls forms to allow you to update your perfume-making notes so that they’re easily searchable, charts, and other helpful products.
Here’s a sample of the Table of Contents
Enroll now, and begin your next stage in life – as a perfumer!
The Natural Perfumery Institute – established 2007
The Natural Perfumers Guild is always working to protect the rights of natural fragrance businesses!
For over 10 years, the Natural Perfumers Guild has been a guiding force and self-regulated association dedicated to the use of natural aromatics. If you have a natural fragrance business, please join us as we continue to build our natural perfume community, define and defend the use of 100% natural aromatics, and educate the public on the beauty of them. Click here to read more, and purchase products from our members with the confidence of the naturalness of the ingredients.
From Miami, our best wishes
Anya, Brian, Gracie, Andrea, and Danny

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