Natural Perfumery Institute students have a lifelong home with us – and you may win a consultation!

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Leave a comment by 11:59PM Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013 and you may win a half hour consultation with me regarding any natural perfumery subject.  The following blog post is the foundation for this giveaway, as it touches upon many firsts I developed in my teaching curriculum, but you may ask anything you wish in the consult.  Good luck!

When I established the basic perfumery course of the Natural Perfumery Institute (NPI) in 2007, there were many “firsts” I established.  On the teaching front, I introduced professional-level methods to natural perfumery for the first time.  No more impossible tasks like using “drops” of labdanum and other thick or solid materials, I showed the students how to dilute them to work with them in a logical, efficient, cost-saving method.  Seriously, and I will let my bewildered side show through a bit – who in the heck can allow students to try to count out 100 drops of benzoin?

Out with the old, in with the new – the new, modern, professional methods taught at the NPI!

Another first from the NPI was the establishment of a lifelong enrollment in the student discussion forum for all students.  I recently updated the welcome letter they receive when I add them to the forum, and I think you’ll find it makes a true home for the student, no matter where in the world they life.  As I’m a long-range planner: I have a succession business plan.  My will and trust are in place so that successors are poised to take over and continue the Institute and related student forum.  Another first, because no other natural perfumery course can make that claim.  The students truly will enjoy lifetime membership, in fact, I see the NPI existing well into the 22nd Century and beyond because of its strong foundation.

Here is the letter:

Dear Student:

You have been added to this Yahoo group so that you may take part in the discussion forum for students of the Natural Perfumery Institute.

This group is monitored every day by myself and the adjunct faculty.  We encourage other students to step in and help answer questions before we do, because that helps build the community and camaraderie among the students.  If your question is not answered by another student in a day or two, a faculty member will answer.

You will enjoy lifetime membership in this group, something I established from the first day of instruction in 2007.  Natural perfumery is such an evolving art, and a tiny niche community among the perfume world, I wanted to provide a continuity for my students.  This way, you will maintain strong ties to the others in the student body and the faculty, and also be able to download updates as they are issued.  For example, in August 2012, many of the forms and charts for the course received updating, and the suppliers lists was greatly enhanced.  We are happy to provide such an ongoing service, because this course and its materials are no static, they are dynamic and respond to a changing world and new information.

My best wishes go out to you as you embark on this immersion into the comprehensive and rewarding natural perfumery course. Welcome to the Natural Perfumery Institute!

Anya McCoy, Founder and Head Instructor

Open enrollment means you can join the Natural Perfumery Institute at any time convenient to you. Enroll today at


  1. R

    I think you are doing an awesome work… I would love to meet you someday!

  2. Jonathan

    Thank you for being such a shing light, a rock star in perfumery. I have checked out all the other courses, and will be enrolling with you next month. Jon in Oz

  3. Susan

    As I am ordering and collecting all my materials to begin the basic course, I am really thrilled to be starting on this journey with you as a mentor. I echo R in my desire to meet you some day, if our paths should fortunately cross.
    Thanks Anya!

  4. Blue

    Your school sounds amazing and i hope to attend oneday. For now I i’ll keep reading your blog and the natural groups conversations. A previous commentor said you are a shinning light and rockstar, couldn’t agree more!

  5. Priya

    What a delight to get into natural perfumery and to discover the wonderful, nurturing community that you’ve created – what an incredible gift to amateurs like me. Thank you for your generosity with your knowledge and time, Anya! It can’t be said enough.

  6. Racine

    I would love to have a consultation with you! How generous. I’m just ready to take the leap from aromatherapy to natural perfumes. I’m also saving my pennies to take your course. Racine from NYC


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