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by | Oct 11, 2013 | Anya's Garden Perfumes, natural perfume, Perfume From Your Garden book | 2 comments

photo credit: Monrovia nursery

photo credit: Monrovia nursery

Beautiful orange flowers that smell like orange peel? Be still my heart! From the same genus as night-blooming jasmine, this Cestrum can be grown as an annual in cold climates, a perennial in warm. I have high hopes for my tiny plant 🙂 Cestrum sinensis is great! grows to 6’x6′ (3mx3m)

Many plants won’t make it into Perfume From Your Garden book due to space limitations, but I’ll write about them here and in the newsletter when it gets started. Show of hands: who wants a pretty plant that will make their garden smell like oranges?

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  1. Linda Scott

    It’s so pretty, and oh! Yes, it sounds divine!

  2. Suzinn

    I’ve grown the red Cestrum and it’s hardy in Portland. The scent is strange to my nose but I’d love to smell ‘Orange Peel’.


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