Perfume in the Sunlight

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Anya's Garden Perfumes | 2 comments

I have been busy with new perfume labels and decided to try some new photos. I typically like a clean white background, and I may do that for the new website, but for this photo I decided to capture some sunlight with the back garden included. I’m very happy with the prisms that appeared, but did notice that the bottles were underfilled a bit. Corrected, up to the brim now!

Do you like this photo? It’s a departure from my usual backdrops, for sure.

Anya's Garden Perfume Moon Dance, Pan, Light, Royal Lotus

Anya’s Garden Perfumes

If there is anyone in the Miami area who has experience with product photography, please contact me. I would like to discover new ways to showcase my perfume, soaps, botanicals, textbook and other related products. One problem is many of the printed words in my photos appear blurred, such as the words Anya’s Garden Perfumes within the botanical golden leaves of my logo. This is an ongoing problem, and I’d love to solve it!


  1. marge clark

    I personally love the photo. Plain white backgrounds are so often recommended , but there’s a sterility to them. This shot is full of life.

  2. JP

    I agree with Marge, plain white background can look very sterile and lifeless . Love the background on this photo! It’s as if the sun has it’s spotlight on your natural bounty!


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