Perfume of Meyer Lemon and Labdanum Frolic Together

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This is a closeup photo of one branch of my Meyer Lemon mini tree showing it touching branches with m labdanum bush. The two labdanums that I’m growing are experimental, to see if they will survive in hot, humid Florida. They’ve survived one summer so far, and are thriving. The Meyer Lemon does very well here, and the juxtaposition of the ethereal citrus top note fragrance from their flowers, blending with the sweet middle note of the labdanum leaves is lovely. Yes, middle note for labdanum leaves. The extract, whether essential oil or absolute or resin, is, of course, a base note. Although I have not extracted the scent from my plants yet, the endearing, sweet and slightly spicy scent seems to be a middle note.

anya's meyer lemon and labdanum

One branch of the Meyer Lemon is touching the base of the labdanum plant, which is about four feet tall and has many branches.

Close up of Meyer Lemon flower.

Closeup of Meyer Lemon flower.

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  1. cheri

    Two of my favorites side by side! Inspiration for the future, eh? 🙂


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