Perfumer, you don’t know what you’re missing until you get it

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There is an easy process to use in the tincture or perfume-making process that isn’t in any of the books.  Many of us have an extensive perfume and industry-related books in our library, which are especially valuable since many of us are self-taught.  There is one secret process, a very easy one, that I have not found in any of my books, read about online, or even have heard hinted about.  Next week, as an early Valentine’s Day present, the Natural Perfumery Institute and the Natural Perfumers Guild will publish a white paper defining this process.  It will be available to anyone, for free.

Alchemist pondering the mysteries of the process

Alchemist pondering the mysteries of the process

Many of us relate to the alchemist in the process of creating a new synergy.  Even the helper and the black cat under the chair seem to be involved!  The process we’ll be detailing in the paper will actually be chemistry for the non-chemist.  With just a few pieces of inexpensive equipment, you will be able, whether you use 100% natural aromatics, or include synths, step up to a new level of professionalism in your art.

The first alchemist is pondering, this fellow is researching and about to act! Love the cluttered workshop.

The first alchemist is pondering, this fellow is researching and about to act! Love the cluttered workshop.

Your studio or lab won’t need such an extensive array of supplies and equipment as our historic alchemists, in fact, just a few more than shown here:

Test.  Mix. Use. Test again.

Test. Mix. Adjust. Test again. Ah, success!

The Natural Perfumery Institute and the Natural Perfumers Guild will release the paper the week of February 4, 2013.  You’ll see announcements on the usual social media sites and here.  I’m so excited by this information we’ll be sharing, and I encourage you to share it, too, when it is released.  Don’t you love a little mystery?  Well, a little mystery before an easy solution is revealed is even better.



  1. Diana

    Wow, can’t wait to see what this is all about ! Thank you, Anya ! You’re doing a great job !

  2. Tamara Shortt

    Finally! Thank you so much Anya. I haven’t delved as deeply as I would like to because this aspect of the process isn’t something that I could lock down on and replicate with assurance as to the end result. I want to have the ability to experiment on the final scent side. I don’t want to have that much doubt about how the tincturing works out. Maybe now I can really get going with it.

  3. Claire Lautier

    I’m excited — bring it on! Thanks, Anya!

  4. Eileen Jackson

    God bless you! I am proud of You and to be your student.
    You really love this Art of Perfumery.
    Thanks for to pass it on to your students.
    We will perpetuate artistic work.

    E. Jackson 🙂

  5. DebRa

    Hi Anya, well, I’ve already got the black cat (no, I’m not a witch.) Loved the pic of the cluttered alchemist -I can relate ; ) looks familiar. Now just cannot wait to find out what this is about. Sounds VERY exciting!!

  6. Susan

    It seems like my timing is perfect, coming onboard, in time for your paper, Anya. I was just going to order all of my lab supplies but I’ll wait to see what other items I might need. I am so excited about beginning this alchemical journey. Thanks Anya!

  7. Suzy Larsen

    What a teaser! You really have a most comprehensive way of sharing information. The world of natural perfumers thanks you. Be back soon.

  8. Delaney

    So excited by this! I love learning and trying new techniques.
    Thank you!

  9. Andria

    Really looking forward to this! Thank you, Anya!!


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