When is a Jasmine not really a Jasmine?

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Yellow jasmine - not really a Jasminium, a Gelsemium

Yellow jasmine – not really a Jasminium, a Gelsemium

First things first, the backstory:

I’m making lemons from lemonade. Recently, the landscaper butchered my orange jasmine hedge in the back garden, and it has to be removed. I did some retail therapy, and went to three different online rare plant sites and had fun!

One plant I’ve meant to grow is Caroline Jessamine, Gelsemium sempervirens. I’ll now have about 65 feet of fence to grow several fragrant vines on, so I’m really happy. In the upcoming Perfume From Your Garden book there will be similar plants – the jasmines – with instructions for readers on ways to extract the scent. Sign up for the newsletter at http://perfumefromyourgarden.com/

There’s lively interaction with folks on Facebook who waiting for the book, and they’re asking questions, leaving comments and suggestions, and having a lot of fun thinking of the Perfume From Your Garden projects. Please join us at the Facebook page.


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