Winter Solstice blog event begins tomorrow 12/21/12

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From my newsletter:

A New Tradition: Anya’s Annual Winter Solstice Blog Giveaway Event

Anya is starting a new annual tradition on her blog. She has long been fascinated with this time of year, when, as a child, she noticed the cold, dark days of wintertime Philadelphia were made tolerable by the festive lights of Hanukkah and Christmas. In her neighborhood, Christmas lights were kept lit in windows until New Years Eve, brightening the dark streets and making the cold more tolerable.

The celebration of lights will begin on the shortest day of the year, Dec. 21st, and continue through the lengthening days with a giveaway every day. Anya will also write about personal, perfumery, mystical and practical events that have shaped her in her art and life. It will be a lovely journey that she hopes to share with you, and with the giveaway gifts, pay it forward to the community of customers and natural perfume lovers who have helped build her businesses.

You can register at the blog to receive updates on posts, or subscribe to the RSS feeds for posts and/or comments by visiting the blog page.


Image of a Filipino parol – a handmade lantern to celebrate the Christmas season

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  1. Rae Lynn Reffruschinni

    This reminds me of the Waldorf window stars I’ve made.


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