I wish you could smell these ylang-ylangs!! They look limp, and that’s because I wilt them for an hour or so before putting into tincturing alcohol. The tincture I wrote about a few weeks ago is dark green, and saturated with so much scent, it could be ylang absolute. Incredibly sweet and heady. There are about two dozen in the basket. (I wrote about this tincture a month ago when I started it, and it is so saturated with aroma molecules now, the alcohol looks black)

Ylang Ylang flowers ready for the alcohol tincture.

Ylang Ylang flowers ready for the alcohol tincture.

I posted this on my Facebook page the other day and had a tremendous amount of interest. Most aromatherapists and natural perfumers know the ylang ylang essential oils and concrete that is available for blends. I’m fortunate in that I live in the subtropics so that I can grow this tree, but I was able to inform readers that there are dwarf varieties that will grow in colder climates. Just grow it in a pot, and bring it indoors when it gets cold. It will need a sunny window to thrive.

The flowers tincture in alcohol or infuse into oil very easily. Their scent is very strong, so anyone growing it will have instant gratification, either just smelling it growing, or the end product, if they extract the scent such as I do. You can buy all varieties at http://toptropicals.com

Extraction methods are covered in detail in my book Homemade Perfume, available on Amazon


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