Natural Perfume Institute Faculty

Head Instructor

Anya McCoy is a former university professor at Florida Atlantic University and has applied her skills as an instructor to develop this dynamic, professional perfumery course. She wrote the first USA-based perfumery textbook and developed unique instructional recordkeeping forms, charts and supporting materials to instruct her students in the art of perfume making. She has won dozens of “Best of” perfume awards and been recognized as the Internet marketing force behind the groundbreaking group projects such as Mystery of Musk, Outlaw Perfume, and Brave New Scents.


Adjunct Professors

Bruce Bolmes has decades of experience as a perfume chemist and perfumer. It’s in his blood – Bruce’s mother was a perfumer for …. Bruce has extensive experience with distillation, including vacuum distillation, solvent extraction, and working solving perfume chemistry problems. He has co-authored several articles for the perfume community, including one on natural isolates, and how to correct the pH of tinctures and perfumes.



 Laime Kiskune is a long-standing promoter of olfactory culture and art, teaching people of different ages and walks of life to comprehend the olfactory world and fostering the use of fragrances as an art medium. Together with the team of talented creators, in an informal lab of Officina Artis Odorum Laime designs exhibition concepts, fragrances, perfumes, and exhibits for olfactory exhibitions.

Laime is educated in botany, pharmaceuticals, and perfumery. Because of working exceptionally with natural substances, she has completed two courses at the Natural Perfumery Institute (NPI) (2014-2015) under the guidance of Anya McCoy. After graduating NPI Laime has designed an original brand of natural perfumery Unda Prisca.  Laime lives and works in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.



Michael Singels After completing the NPI course, natural perfumer Michael Singels continued his guidance and problem-solving with students in the forum and also on the Yahoo Natural Perfumery group. Proficient in many technical aspects of natural perfumery, Michael is a former natural perfume editor and reviewer at Cafleurebon perfume forum.


Teaching Assistants

Brian Michael Shea

Abdel Elyakini

Susan O’Connell