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    Michael Singels

      Let’s start some conversation students!

      What are a few of your favorite aromatics?  The ones that just make you swoon every time you smell them?

      Feel free to include them in any form, from an essential oil or absolute to a co2 extract or tincture, or even the raw plant.  The scent can vary greatly in all of these forms.

      Please feel free to talk about your favorite source for materials too.  Sometimes the same oil from two different suppliers or regions can be like night and day!

      I will start with one of my favorites, which might be new to some as it isn’t widely or traditionally extracted that I know of for EO’s or Absolutes- Cottonwood buds!

      The spicy balsamic aroma of cottonwood buds is just heavenly to me.  I have collected buds myself from trees and have been able to source them from herb companies in bulk herb form, but I only recall seeing one or two rather costly aromatic extracts produced from them.

      Fortunately, they lend themselves readily to extraction in carrier oils like Fractionated Coconut Oil or in Alcohol.  Jessica Ring of Ring Botanicals has produced some very lovely Cottonwood bud infused oil, and uses it as a base I believe for some of her perfumes like Kingfisher.

      So share with us some of your favorite aromatics!  I look forward to hearing from you all!

      Michael Singels

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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