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      Hello Fellow Students,
      My name is Susan and I’m checking in from the Chicago area, US. I discovered Anya back in 2012 when my love for gardening and the desire to “bottle” my plants led to a google search. I was thrilled to find that thanks to Anya this beautiful art form was being shared through her courses. I haven’t stopped perfuming! While I still consider myself a novice, each experiment brings me a bit more confidence and a bit closer to nature and the beautiful aromatics that make up a natural perfumers palette.
      I hope to share successes and failures with all of you and get to know you through the courses that Anya offers.
      Be well and keep perfuming:-)



      Michael Singels

        Hi Susan and all,

        This is Michael Singels, joining you from Great Falls, Montana after the last many years in Colorado Springs, CO.

        I started natural perfumery back around 2010 I think, as a branch off of herbal medicine and aromatherapy.  I started with the Natural Perfumery group on Yahoo and was hooked!  I later studied with Anya formally, and have been playing with scent ever since.

        I also spent some time after my studies doing perfume reviews on CaFleureBon and enjoyed seeing other people’s talents and unique perspectives through their olfactive works.

        It was a sad loss as the Yahoo groups quieted down and were eventually archived, so I hope we can get a thriving and active community going here in the online classroom!

        Welcome to all, and please jump in and participate, start conversations, and feel free to share input or advice as to how we can improve the student experience for you!

        Best wishes and fragrant blessings!

        Michael Singels

        NPI Graduate, Adjunct Faculty



          I’m Angela, longtime  dabbler, aspiring professional. I’m excited to be apart of the natural perfumery community



          Also, I’m having a difficult time scrolling down on the forums when I enter text, and it pulls me to the top of the page unexpectedly. Can this be fixed?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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